At Domaine the Cadenne you can make your reservation by means of the reservation form (on the site), by e-mail, letter or telephone. We will send you a confirmation and invoice. If within 10 days after reception of the affirmative you pay 30% of the invoice amount, the reservation will be definite. If you make a reservation 8 weeks before the date of arrival the total amount of the invoice must be paid in advance within 10 days after the confirmation.

Payment of the remainder

The remaining amount of the invoice must have been transferred minimum 8 weeks before the date of arrival. If the payment is not received by us, the reservation will be cancelled and the provisions mentioned under ‘cancellation’ will take effect. Before you can use the facilities, the complete invoice amount must have been paid.


We appreciate it highly if you don’ t smoke in the accommodations. The gîte/apartment and the tent are rented per week from Saturday 15.00 up to the next Saturday 10.00. Outside the main season the hiring period can be adapted in consultation . Against payment we can place extra beds. This must be agreed upon in advance. For the gîte/apartment the towels and dishcloths are not included, they can be additionaly rented. We expect you to leave the accommodation such as you found it at arrival; tidy and with complete and in good state inventory, if not, damages and/or repair costs will be deducted from the deposite.

The (normal) use of gas, water and electricity are included in the rent. If you have excessive use this will be charged. The owner has, in the case of maintenance, the right to enter the accommodation to carry out the necesary activities. The maintenance of the swimming pool and the terrain will be carried out with as little as possible inconvenience.

Swimming pool

The use of the swimmingpool, beds and umbrella’s is included in the rent. Swimshorts are not allowed. For the youngest it is required to wear a swim diaper.


After consultation most of the domestic animals are welcome. Of course the normal behaviour rules apply, thus dogs must be on a lead.


The deposit can be found in the tariff list. The deposit can be transferred with the last period or cash before the start of the hiring period. After the accommodation has been checked and no damage has been observed, the amount of the deposit will be paid back or transferred within two weeks, after deduction of possible costs. The tenant is responsible for all damage, also that of persons within his/her party and pets. If the deposit sum is insufficient, then the tenant must pay the additional amount

Liability of the owner

The stay and uses of the facilities of Domaine the Cadenne are at ones own risk. We can accept absolutely no liability for damage or inconveniences which arise on the domain. We do everything to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. For inconveniences originating from changes in the situation we can accept no liability. The tenant will agree to inhabit the rented with required care, taking into account the surroundings. Between 22.00 and 7.00 peace and quite is asked for on the property. On the property emplified (loud) music, radios, etc. are not allowed without permission of the owners. If the tenant does not behave himself as a good tenant or causes uneccaptable nuisance, he or she (and party) will be denied the further access to rented. The lease is then considered as by right dissolved, it gives the tenant also no right to repayment of the hiring sum.


Cancellations more than 8 weeks before the day of arrival the whole amount, under deduction of € 25.00 administrative costs, will be refunded if the owner succeeds in finding another tenant. Cacellations within 8 weeks before the day of arrival will not be refunded. No compensation is paid in case of ” force majeure” (something that cannot been foreseen or is outside the influence of the owner).

We recommend a complete travel and cancellation insurance.